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Color Management Professional Training & Certification
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Color Management Professional Training & Certification

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The Color Management Professional (CMP) certification program is comprised of a series of on-line video instructional color management courses and exams.

The CMP certification program begins with an extensive course on “Color Management Fundamentals” where you can achieve certification as a "Color Management Professional." This is followed by additional instructional courses to seek "Expert" certification in many specialty areas within a graphic communication production environment.

The complete CMP series of color management education and certification includes:

Each course contains both education and testing. The educational courses are available for color management practitioners to expand their color management skills and knowledge. Upon completion of the educational courses, students and practitioners may proceed to pass the certification exams to qualify for their CMP Professional and Expert certification.


The CMP content has been developed by industry-leading color management experts. The latest CMP programs are equipped with state-of-the-art eLearning capabilities:
  • Supporting Materials: Videos, device guides, educational posters, and glossary of terms.
  • Tablet Support: Provides for mobile learning so you can take your learning on the go!
  • Lesson Bookmarks: Automatically remembers where you left off, even if you switch between desktop, iPad, or mobile phone.
  • Easy Navigation: Back, forward, and fast forward.
  • Table of Contents: Easy search and review of topics inside a lesson. Great for post training reference when you need it!
  • Non-Scored Quiz Questions: To test comprehension and help to make sure the learner is ready for the final certification exam.


Upon successful completion you will be certified for 2 years, receive a  certificate of completion and program logos. You will also be listed in IDEAlliance’s Official Directory of Certified Experts, Professionals and Qualified Masters for the period of your certification.

NOTE: To maintain certification you must successfully complete the recertification training every two (2) years.


  • Improve Color Accuracy
  • Assure Clients of Brand Color Integrity
  • Build Color Managed Workflows
  • Control Image & Application Color
  • Maximize the value of your color quality